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A comprehensive 4 Week Program to help you kick off 2022 smashing your goals!

This isn't some cookie-cutter, generic challenge with brown rice, chicken and broccoli on the menu for the next 4 weeks. Instead this Program focuses on lifestyle as a whole package which means that it suits YOU and your lifestyle.

Our individually tailored program takes into account YOUR goals, whether they be:

  • Fat Loss

  • Muscle/Strength Gain

  • Performance/Sport Based

  • Rehab/Mobility

  • Body Composition Changes

And we work with you to teach you how to smash these goals... Not just for the 4 Weeks of this program, but beyond.

Imagine feeling like:

  • You felt good in your body.


  • You felt strong and healthy.

  • You can set goals and know how to achieve them.

  • You can still enjoy life without sacrificing a thing - but still smash your goals.


  • Limiting beliefs don't hold you back.


  • Managing your triggers and challenges feels easy.


  • You are happy and confident.



Make 2022 the year you invest in you.

What's included:

  • 1:1 Goal Setting session

  • Tailored Nutrition Plan

  • Recipe Book with full nutrient & calorie breakdowns

  • 2 x Group Workshops

    • Nutrition Basics

    • Exercise Workshop

  • 4 Weeks of direct communication and support with Anna

  • Group Facebook Page for accountability, mini challenges and weekly check-ins

  • Video Tutorials on Nutrition and Mindset

  • Our 50+ page Guidebook with all the resources you need!

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What you'll learn:

  •  How to track food 

  • Flexible Dieting

  • How to determine your nutrition intake

  • How to eat out (and keep your fave foods in!)

  • How to effectively set goals

  • What exercise works for you

  • Understanding and managing stress

  • Improving your sleep systems

  • Why NEAT is a gamechanger

  • Master your mindset

  • Overcome old patterns/habits  

Registrations closed


Ready to make 2022 your year?

Registrations closed