In these challenging times, we ensure we have a massive focus on community. Sure you can download any generic workout and meal plan online for free -- but what you can't get is support, accountability, a bit of banter and people in the same situation who want to see you succeed.

Our mental health and physical health will be challenged over the next few months and that is why we are so passionate about cultivating an online community of like-minded legends that give you a social outlet, while you get fitter and healthier physically.

We tailor all our workouts to ensure progression, no matter what resources you have available.

Sound like you? Shoot us a message here to have a chat about joining the fam!


Our physical fitness is super important but so is our mental health. With more of us becoming isolated, we have created an online community that not only gives you epic workouts -- but it also supports you and promotes a healthy lifestyle in these challenging times.

Our memberships include:

  • Access to our Members Only Facebook Group which is where all the magic happens!

  • Over 20 various classes LIVE streamed each week

  • Online content that helps educate you every step of the way. We teach you more about nutrition and getting the most out of your exercise. We also help break down barriers you've been having in achieving your goals, break bad habits and show you how to develop a healthy mindset too.

  • So that you stay accountable, we do regular goal setting and tracking on all areas of your life.

  • Weekly Group Zoom Calls - Any members can jump in these! We use these to catch-up, collectively brainstorm, check in on each other and set goals for the week ahead.

  • And of course, our fabulous community of members - who have your back 100%

Once the gym reopens (June 22) this membership will also give you unlimited access to the gym, unlimited classes and in person support - every step of the way.


We have taken our exceptional coaching service and spent weeks developing an optimal personal training service online. Available live via Zoom, we work with you 1-on-1 (or in groups with your friends) from wherever you are, to still get incredible results, whether it be to level up your performance, overcome mindset barriers, increase fat loss or to improve overall health and fitness - our premium service definitely delivers!

  • You will recieve online content specific to you and your goals - and to keep improving your knowledge!

  • We develop your own personalised program that compliments your sessions and can be done at home with whatever equipment you have.

  • To ensure you stay accountable and motivated, we do regular goal setting and tracking with you to help you improve all areas of your life and keep you on track.

  • You also get complete access to all our live classes, full accountability, goal setting and the awesome community in our Members Only Facebook Group!


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